Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Unsafe Delhi Roads

Delhi roads are very unsafe for driving. Many people don’t follow traffic rules and get into trouble. People keep on changing the lanes when driving. Jumping of red light is very common among Delhi people. I myself see at least two or three people daily jumping the red light. People enter one way and as a result traffic jams happen on Delhi roads. Everyone, in Delhi is very irritated with Delhi traffic jams.

People overtake without any horn or dipper and as a result accidents happen. Accidents on Delhi roads have become very common and it’s all because people don’t follow traffic rules. People break traffic rules in front of traffic police also. The situation is very bad in Delhi. In Delhi, most of the traffic jams are because of people who do not follow the traffic rules.

Accidents and traffic jams happen because people break traffic rules. Sometimes, the person who has done no mistake also bear the impact of accident. Once, I was travelling to my office early in the morning as some clients had to come for a meeting. I left on time and, as I was crossing a flyover near my office, I saw a portion of the flyover closed and police all around the area.

I went out from my car and saw two cars have met with an accident. I had never seen such an accident in my whole life, two cars have collided with each other and all the passengers died in the accident. I asked one of the police officer that how the accident happened he told me that one of the two cars was coming from the wrong side and both cars collided with each other. All the passengers, in both the cars have died. Now, I ask my readers was there any mistake of the driver who was coming from the correct lane?

A similar incidence happened to me, when I was going to a hospital near my home, for regular check-up. I was driving in my lane and suddenly, a bike came from wrong side. The bike was coming very fast and had an accident with my car. The mudguard of my car was totally damaged and his bike was damaged from front.

The cases of drunk and driving have increased in Delhi, as compared to the last year. Drunk and driving is the major cause of accidents on Delhi roads. In my opinion, heavy challans should be imposed on the people who break traffic rules. I am sure, if heavy challans are imposed on the drivers who break traffic rules, the number of accidents will get reduced.

Everyone, should follow traffic rules and should be alert on roads to avoid accidents.

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