Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Unplanned Lunch

Planning a get together and meeting your friends or family is fun. These meetings are good when they are planned. But unplanned meetings that too on a holiday can be a cause of real stress to you. It was 15th august and my cousins gave me a surprise by visiting my house for kite flying. They said “Bhai aaj to patang tere yaha udayenge aur lunch bhi karenge”. We punjabi’s have this habit of going anywhere without informing. I went to the nearby shop to buy kites and ‘manja’. If the get together had been planned I would have arranged for all these thing before. I bought around fifty kites as there were ten of my cousins who wanted to fly kite.

We all went to the terrace to fly kites. One of my cousin said to me to arrange for some music on the terrace. I went down and started to search for my speakers, I looked everywhere but could not find them. Then, I thought of using my bluetooth speaker and we would be able to select a song of our choice. Now, the only thing missing was beer and all the wine and beer shops are closed on 15th August. One of my cousin arranged for the beer, he called up his friend and he gave us a carton of beer. Music, beer and kite flying what a combination it was. We even had a kite flying competition among us and I won in it.

I thought that after kite flying, beer and a high tea my cousins would go but they said we all will have lunch together. Kite flying was fine but lunch was a big problem as no prior preparations were there. The only option was to order food from outside. Now, the problem was which restaurants are open for lunch because most of the restaurants don’t serve lunch on 15th August.

I called up the restaurants from which I order frequently and my bad luck they were closed in the afternoon. I started to search for a nice restaurant online. Navigating through each and every restaurant was tough so I filtered all of them by displaying those with 4+ ratings. So, all the restaurants with 4+ came and I started to think from where to order.

While I was thinking, my ‘Bhabi’ and my cousins said to me that don’t order we will cook food at home. My ‘Bhabi’ and my cousins who knew cooking went inside the kitchen and started preparing food for lunch. After an hour, food was ready and we all came down to have lunch. All my cousins liked the home made food so much that they said "Thank god we didn’t ordered food from any restaurant".  

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