Friday, 12 February 2016

The Song Composition

When I was in my tenth class, I wanted to compose a song of my own. But because of my studies I could not do it. When I passed my class twelfth, I had a lot of time and decided to do the composition. I always thought that composing a song is very easy, but it’s a very tough task.

Before, you want to compose your own song you should be clear with two things:
  • What type of song, you want to compose. It could be a slow track or fast track.
  • Do you want to just write a song, or you will be writing the background music.

I wanted to do both the things write the song and give background music to it. For writing, it takes a lot of time as you have to see whether the lyrics go with the type of song you are writing. In my opinion a song which has simple word and easy to understand has the best lyrics.

Writing a song is simple as compared to giving a background music. The background music has a lot of things involved. You have to consider what instruments you have to use in your song. I learnt a lot of musical instrument to compose my song.

To compose the background music:
  • The first and the most important thing is the starting tune. The starting tune is the lifeline of your music and makes the song peppy.
  • After you have created the starting tune you integrate the song.
  • The last one is the, the ending tune. The ending tune must leave a long lasting impact on the audience, so they may listen to it again and again.

After, you have done with all these things, you are ready to compose your own songs.

Apart from all these, you need to learn some good music software because all the mixing depends on these software. With music software, it has become very easy to mix and give background music to songs. After, I was done with all the things, I called up my cousin who is a professional music composer. He has been composing music for the past 5 years and he had a lot of experience. He agreed to help me and came to my home for three days. When he saw the lyrics and listened the starting and ending tune he became a fan of me. He appreciated my work a lot, however there were some mistakes in the ending tune which he pointed out and rectified. We composed the song together in three days.

The song was so nice that each of my family member requested a copy of it. After 10 years, I still listen to the song which I composed.

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