Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Reincarnation

Most of us love music and listen to different type of music according to their mood. I have seen people who are ill recover easily when they listen to some peppy music. But, can music take you in your past life. The answer lies in a short story which I am going to tell you.

But, first I will talk about a movie named Karz, I don’t know how many of you have watched that movie. In that movie, there was a tune and whenever that tune was played the hero 'Mr. Rishi Kapoor' used to get visuals of his past life in his mind.

It was a movie based on fiction, but I have seen this type of an incidence which was true. I was in my college and I used to have headaches day and night. My uncle is a neurosurgeon and my mother said that you go and show yourself to him. I had my exams that month so fixed and appointment with my uncle for the next month. At the day of appointment I had some important work and could not go to uncle. I called up my uncle and asked him to give me an appointment for next week. He told me that next week he is flying to Dubai and would not be available. He gave me an appointment for next month.

This time I finished my all pending assignment before the appointment. I went to the clinic where my uncle used to diagnose his patients. I reached there on time, his secretary told me to wait for some time as he was busy with a patient. I was getting bored so I went near the window of my uncle’s room where he was diagnosing that patient. He was shouting in pain and a music was being played. After fifteen minutes, the check-up of that patient was over and he came out with sweat all over and left.

I asked my uncle that why was he shouting in pain and what was the mystery behind the music that was being played. He told me that this is one case which is beyond my understanding, I have never seen this type of case during my practice of fifteen years. Whenever, this music is played he loses control over his mind. I asked my uncle that is it related to reincarnation, he replied to me that ‘There is nothing like reincarnation’. This was an obvious answer which every doctor would give.

He started diagnosing me and said you have slight symptoms of migraine. You should not take stress and with these medicines, you should be fine in a couple of weeks. I came back home, but the whole night I was thinking about that patient and reincarnation.

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