Friday, 19 February 2016

The Peppy Holi Celebration

This holi, was my first holi after marriage. According to our family tradition, this year’s holi celebration was to be at our home. For this, we call all the near and dear ones at our home for lunch.
holi is the only festival which I don’t like because, people put dark colours on the face and it takes at least two days to remove the colour.

Because it was my first holi, I had no option other than calling all the cousins to celebrate holi at my place. My wife was very excited to celebrate our first holi as it’s is her favourite festival. We decided to order the food from a restaurant rather than making at home. It takes a very long time to prepare everything at home and it becomes very hectic for everyone.
We all planned to celebrate Holi at the terrace. I arranged the music system, to make the environment peppy while playing holi. We kept 12 PM as the time to play holi and after that lunch. My cousins, came on time with very dark colours and I was the first target. After me, they coloured my wife’s face.

My aunt prepared bhaang for all of us. After playing holi we all played cards. I lost 400 rupees in cards and my wife won 200 rupees, a loss of 200 rupees for me. After that, we had bhaang and lost control over our mind. Some were laughing and some were crying. We all danced a lot on some peppy songs, my friend clicked the pictures and took all the videos.

After, a peppy holi celebration we all went for the lunch, from terrace to the dining area. I ordered the food from a restaurant near my house. Everyone, drank so much bhaang that they were not in their senses. An uncle of mine, took chapatti for him and kept it in my plate. My brother was pouring water outside the glass. After the lunch, everybody planned to stay at my place because no one could drive because of the bhaang we had. We opened the guest room and in the lobby area, we kept mattresses so that everyone could easily sleep. We all slept at around 4 PM and woke up at 10 PM. No one hungry because the lunch we had was very heavy. We all started to play cards again, to pass time. No one slept in the night and all of them left my place at 7 AM in the morning. I asked my cousins to stay for breakfast, but all of them had a busy schedule.

First time in my life, I enjoyed the holi festival so much. Next year, we have holi celebrations at my mother’s sister place.

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