Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Navigator

My father is a naval engineer. A naval engineer, is an engineer who studies and has expertise in all engineering and sciences as applied in the research, development, design, construction, operation, maintenance and logistic support of surface and subsurface ships, craft, aircraft and vehicles (both manual and automatic) used by the Navy for the Nation’s defense.

Yesterday, while we all family members were having dinner, my father told us an interesting story. The story was about, how a stranger helped him to navigate to an island. My father was the captain of the ship. It was a foggy night and the visibility was very low. As per the schedule of the ship, my father took the daily supplies of food from the shore. After picking the supplies, he started sailing towards the middle of the sea to his position.

While, he was moving towards his position the fog became denser and denser. The visibility became very low. The 'Sri Lankan' border was very near from the position of his ship. It was very dangerous to sail, as the ship could easily sail to the 'Sri Lankan' border because of low visibility.

My father decided to sail to the nearest shore of ‘Rameshwaram’. All the people on the ship had their dinner and decided to rest for some time, till the visibility increases. As, they were waiting a wireless message came on the ship, that there is some movement seen near their point. It was an urgent message and they had to leave immediately. The visibility was still low, but they had no option other than to leave.

As they boarded the ship, a man came shouting and asked for help. He told my father that he is stuck on this island from past two days. My father asked him about his work and where he stays. He said that I am a navigator and I mostly stay on ships. My father said to him, ‘You are the one we were looking for’.  You have to help us to navigate to our base point. The visibility is very low because of fog and we are facing a lot of problems to reach to our base.

He told my father that he has created navigation maps for ships and using those maps he will help them to reach to their base. He took out his map and started to help my father. They reached their base with the help of the navigator. As soon as they reached the base, a wireless message came that the movement which was seen is not there now. My father thanked the navigator for his help. The next morning, my father told the navigator to take the boat on their ship, to reach to the nearest shore.

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