Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Navigation System

This is the story of a planet which was very backward in technology and how I solved their problem of routes by developing a navigation system for them. People there where very confused with the routes because of the increase in the flyovers and roads. It’s a long story that how I reached there. One day, I was returning back from my office. I had an overtime on that day as there was deployment of the software which I was developing. When I reached home, I parked my car outside the house as I had to leave early tomorrow because there was a meeting in my office.

As I moved out of the car, I saw a light coming from the back lane of my house. I started to think that who will be at the back lane and that too at 3 AM in the night. I opened the rear door and went to the back lane. I saw a door and that light was coming from that door. That door was not there in the morning when I left from my home. I opened that door and went inside without thinking that what would happen next.

I reached to another planet through that door. There was a hell lot of traffic there and people were all confused with the routes. One of them saw me and said ‘See, Alien’. They could talk in English and could understand English. I told them that I don’t know how I have come here. An old person among them said you must have come from the magical door which opens only twice in 1000 years. I asked the when will it open next, they told me that you are lucky it will open again after a week. They arranged for my stay on their planet. Now, I could not inform anyone about what has happened to me.

One of them showed me their planet and he told me how difficult was for them to find routes. I told them about navigation systems and told them will help them to develop one. I developed a GPS device on their planet. They had their own satellites and the device which I created was able to catch those satellites. They had printed copies of the maps of their planet. I scanned them all and created three servers for them with all the maps.

They had all the arrangements needed to set up a network. Now, the network and GPS device was done only a software was left which could connect to the server and GPS device. Only two days were left for the door to open. I worked day and night and developed the software for them just few hours before the opening of the door.

The testing phase was also successful and the navigation system worked fine. They thanked me for the system I created. The door opened and I came back home.

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