Friday, 12 February 2016

The Navigation Error

With navigation software, many of us have become dependent on them. Earlier, I used to remember routes so that I am not confused for the next time, when I travel to the same destination. But, the navigation software made my life easier and I stopped memorizing new routes. Whenever, I had to travel to a new restaurant or a place, I used to open the navigation software in my mobile and enter the destination. The software showed me all the possible routes and I used to take the route which showed the least time.

Now, I was totally dependent on the navigation software in my mobile. One day, I had to go to a client in ‘Dwarka’ to supply cosmetic items of my company. I told my boss, that I have some important work in office and would not be able to go to deliver the items. He told me that this is a high priority task, as the director has said that the items should be delivered to the parlour by the end of the day.

The client was important for us because he had a chain of 50 parlours in ‘Dwarka’. My boss handed over the document of delivery to me and went in his cabin. Half of the day was already wasted in discussions and I had very less time to deliver the goods. I went to the warehouse and got truck loaded with the items on the list.

I told the driver, that you have to deliver the items in ‘Dwarka’. The driver said, ‘Sir, I don’t know the way to Dwarka’. There was no other driver available, as the office was about to close. I had no option other than going with him. I called up my wife on her mobile and told her that I will be late today. I opened the navigation software in my mobile and entered ‘Dwarka’ as destination. I got the route and started to instruct the driver.

We reached a flyover and according to the software we were at our destination. There was a navigation error and the software ended unexpectedly. I was totally confused and asked an auto rickshaw driver about the route to ‘Dwarka’. The auto rickshaw driver told me that you have taken the wrong flyover. My boss told me that you have to deliver the items before 9 PM. It was already 8 PM, taking a U-Turn and then taking the correct flyover would take more than one hour.

I had travelled to ‘Dwarka’ many times and started to think of a shortcut. I thought for a couple of minutes and recalled that there is a small cut at a distance of 100 M, which will take us to the correct flyover. We reached the client on time and delivered the goods.

I came back home and uninstalled the navigation software in my mobile. 

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