Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Musical Ghostbuster

I have seen many movies on ghost busting but had never come across a real ghost buster, until a ghost came in our neighbour’s house. Before my neighbour’s came to know that there is a ghost in their house, I came to know about it.

One day, I came back very late from the office as some overseas client came to know about the progress of their project. I was the project manager at that time, so I had to tell them about all the progress till now. The client was so dumb that he asked each and every thing again and again. The meeting went on for four hours. I left from office at 12 in the midnight and reached home at 12:30 AM. After parking and coming out of the car, I saw someone standing on the terrace of my neighbour.

The next day I told my neighbour that I saw someone on your terrace. He said that ‘It can’t be as I have cameras all around on my terrace and I daily watch the recordings in the morning’. He told me that he has just now watched all the recordings and there was no one in the camera. I was confused and came back home. The next day again, I came late from the office and I again saw someone standing on the terrace of my neighbour. I again went to my neighbour’s house and told him that someone was standing on your terrace. He said me the same thing again that there was no none in the camera.

I told him that there must be a ghost in your house. He got angry and told me not to come to his home from tomorrow. I felt bad, and said sorry to him. The next day I came back on time and saw some ‘Tantrik’s’ going to my neighbour’s house. I went to his house and asked him that what has happened. He told me that I was right there is a ghost in his house. The ‘Tantrik’s’ failed to catch the ghost and came back running from his house.

The next day when I came back home I heard some nice music, it was coming from my neighbour’s house. I went to his house and asked him about the music. He told me that he has called a ghost buster who catches ghost by playing music. After an hour, the music stopped and a man came out of his house with a bottle in his hand.

I asked my neighbour who is the man coming out of his house, he told me that he is the musical ghost buster. My neighbour asked him about the ghost and he told him that the ghost is in the bottle. The ghost buster took his fees and left. 

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