Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Impact of Winning

Winning is a reward for my hard work and efforts I have done. Winning makes me feel that I have done a good work to achieve something and I should keep up the good work to win. Winning alone is not a difficult task but keeping up the good work and be a winner always is a difficult one.

From my experience and what I think winning can be explained with two different perspectives one from the winners point of view and one from the losers point of view. In most of the cases winning creates a positive impact and losing creates a negative impact on a person. There are very few people who take losing in a positive way and give their best to come in the winning league. For me the real winners are who don’t give up after losing and put more efforts to win.

I used to come second or third in my class and always wanted to come first. I still remember my friend who used to come first in the class used to say that I will study hard and come first in the class. For him winning was a target or aim that he always used to achieve by keeping up his good work and for me winning was a dream come true. I used to ask him 'For how much time do you study in a day?' and all sorts of question to know his routine of study so I may come first in class. So, in simple words I was influenced by him and wanted to know how he studies.

For those who lose for them winning is a dream come true. I remember that I came first in eleventh standard and everybody congratulated me. For, me it was a dream come true. The happiness which I got from it was out of the world.

For me everyone who influences a person is a winner. For instance Mr. Amitabh Bacchan is a winner for me and many thousands of people. They want to be like him, want to follow him and are influenced by him. What he does, what he likes and what he dislikes.

If there are winners there are losers both have their own perspectives what winning means to them. Both are important, if there are only winners than how can we understand the meaning of winning. To understand the meaning of winning there are winners and losers. The people who lose try to put more effort and try to win.

In other words, the whole thing can be described in this way:

'Those who lose put more and more efforts to become winners and those who win keep up the good work to win'

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