Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Impact of Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms have become very popular these days. The main impact of Virtual classrooms, has been on the distance learning sector. Earlier, it was very difficult to do a distance learning course, along with your job. You have to go to the place where the class is going on. Some of the distance learning universities, give marks for attendance. I myself, have done my MBA from IMT-CDL (Institute of Management Technology – Council for Distance Learning), Ghaziabad. My distance MBA, had been very hectic for me. I used to go to the class directly from my office, without any break, which was very hectic for me.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to attend the class, because of the work in office. With virtual classrooms, now there is no need to be physically present at the class. The class can be easily done with virtual classroom. To do this you need have the following:

  • A Web Camera: A web camera captures videos which may be viewed or streamed with the help of an internet connection. The video can be saved on your computer also for viewing it later. The camera should be of a good quality, so that the video is not blurred and is of high quality
  • A Microphone: The microphone records the audio which may be saved on your computer or may be streamed over the internet.
  • A Speaker or Headphone: The speaker or headphone gives the audio output.
  • Internet access: Internet is required to stream the video, to different attendees of the meeting. The internet connection should be of high speed, because a low speed connection would result in streaming problems.
  • A good Video Conferencing software: A Video conferencing software should be loaded in your PC or laptop. The software does all the transmission and receiving of the video stream. Without, the software it would be impossible to have a virtual class.

In virtual classrooms, a professor or teacher can give lecture from his own place to students. Virtual classrooms, have found it use in distance learning. The teacher gives lecture from his place, to the students of the classroom. These lectures may be recorded for later use.

My younger brother has enrolled for distance MBA, from the same university and he has got recorded lectures for all his subjects. He has to just view those lectures and now there are no classes. Once in a month, they have a virtual class which is carried out by a professor of the university. The students ask their doubts in that class. The professor responds to the students queries in that class.

With virtual classrooms, it has now become very easy to do a distance learning course, for people who are doing full-time jobs. 

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