Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Impact of Twitter on Me

A few years back newspapers, radio and television news were the only sources for the latest news. I used to sit in the toilet and read the newspaper. For advertisements also, newspapers and televisions were used as the medium. The speed at which we used to get the news was slow. It took one day, for the next issue of the newspaper. On television also, the updates used to take a lot of time as the technology and equipment’s were very old.

With twitter and internet, you can put an update in less than a second. The news comes to twitter much before than newspaper and television. You get notifications for an update and there is no need to open the application again and again.

Twitter has also become popular for branding and advertising. People put there advertisements on Twitter, as a tweet and their tweet reaches their followers as an update. ‘Tweeple’ is a term used for the people who use twitter. The twitter users can also upload a picture while tweeting, which could be an invitation or a banner of advertisement. The twitter is becoming more and more popular, as a medium to reach millions of people.

Initially, twitter was used to share what you are doing, among your followers but it became so popular that people started using it for branding, advertising and marketing. The impact of twitter on my life has been to such an extent, that when I woke up I tweet a good morning tweet to my followers. When I sleep at night, I tweet a good night tweet to my followers. I used to tweet jokes and many wired tweets daily, which I have stopped now. Now, I tweet only sensible and relevant tweets.

Twitter has helped me a lot to promote my product of cosmetics. The twitter has hashtags, which you can embed in your tweet and it will be available to a large number of people who search for that hashtag. For example, I have products related to cosmetics and if I want to tweet about my shampoo, then my tweet would contain the hashtag shampoo and cosmetics. I have received a very good response, since I started tweeting my products on twitter. I receive at least 10 queries daily via twitter, which has increased my sales significantly.

Now, I have stopped reading newspapers and open twitter for the updates and news. Your tweet can easily reach hundreds or thousands. It’s a simple process, you tweet an update to your followers and if someone likes your tweet he/she will 'retweet' it and will be visible to his/her followers. This way your tweet will reach to those people also who are not following you. 

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