Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Impact of Over Drinking

Many people, don’t care about driving while drinking and the impact that over-drinking can have on their driving. Recently, I went to a party of my cousin where all of my cousins were drinking too much that I can’t imagine. Driving after drinking is very harmful as you are not in your senses and you can meet with an accident.

Last December, I and my friends planned a New Year party at a restaurant in 'Connaught Place'. The restaurant manager said that he will take the booking for minimum 40 people. We came back home and counted the number of people which said yes for the party. The total came to 39. We all tried to make it to 40 but we could not.

I asked one of my cousin who is of the same age group as ours and he agreed to come to the party. To finalize the menu I and three of my friends went to the restaurant. The manager said that I will give you five appetizers, soft drinks, three main course, one soup, one pea’s pulao and two desserts. He said that I will charge 650 / - Rs. per person for vegetarian. When we asked about the drinks he said that you can bring your own bottle and I will charge 500 / - Rs. per bottle for serving it. He said that he will provide soda and water. The rates were fine and we booked the restaurant.

We kept ‘Paneer Tikka’, ‘Chilly Paneer’, ‘Spring Rolls’ and ‘Dry Manchurian’ in the appetizers. For the main course, we kept ‘Dal Makhani’, ‘Mix Veg’ and ‘Paneer Makhani’. We kept tomato soup and for desserts we finalized ‘Ice-Cream’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’. We finalized the menu fifteen days before the party to avoid any confusion and last minute problems. We gave the list of the songs which we wanted the manager to play.

The party started, the food was very nice and the music was also great. A friend of mine doesn’t drinks but on that day everyone forced him to drink. He drank around 90 ML of scotch and after that he was unable to walk properly. When the party got over we asked him that will be able to drive. He said ‘Yes, Of Course’. He sat in the car and left alone. After about half an hour, I received a phone call from a police officer that your friend has met with an accident. I was shocked and went to see him.

I got him admitted in the hospital and called his parents. Our friends who forced him to drink were feeling very guilty. The accident had such a bad impact on us that we decided not to force anyone for drinking.

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