Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Impact of Marriage

Before marriage, when we friends use to meet we enjoyed a lot. There were no restrictions and there was no one to order us. We all used to meet whenever we liked. Saturday nights, were fun nights and we used to drink beer and come back late. There was no sharing of room and I used to live life in my own way. There was no need to remember any birthdays or anniversaries. There was no compulsion to go out every weekend. No one used to tell us, that what should clothes should I wear or what shoes should I wear. It used to be a happy life. In our friend circle, I was the first one to marry. My friends always used to tell me about the impact of marriage, but I always used to ignore them.

After marriage, I realized that your freedom is totally lost. You have to tell in advance if you are going somewhere. If you are going out with friends, then you are not allowed to drink. All weekends you are supposed to be with your wife. If you don’t remember birthdays or anniversaries in your in-laws then you have to listen to a lengthy speech from your wife. If you don’t take out your wife, regularly for dinners then you will become boring. In a month, watching two movies in a multiplex is a compulsion. You are not allowed to say ‘No’ to any of the demands made by your wife or else you have to face consequences. If you have had a fight, then you will not get dinner in the night.

The most important thing to remember is, that you have to say sorry even if you are not wrong. If you are late from the office and you have not informed your wife about it, then you have to sleep outside of the house. I have slept many nights outside my home, so you can imagine how important it is to inform your wife about each and every thing. One day, I forgot to inform my wife that I am going out with my friends for dinner. When I came back home, my wife didn’t opened the door for me. I had to sleep at my friend’s place that night.   

In short after marriage,
  • All your freedom is lost.
  • Your life is not yours anymore.
  • You have to say sorry even if you are not wrong.
  • Between you and your wife you are always wrong.
  • If you don’t want to sleep outside your home you have to follow your wife.
These are a few, impacts of marriage. So, before you marry keep these points in mind. Now, I think that bachelor life was the best.

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