Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Impact of Keeping a Dog

My father hates, keeping a dog at home. I have, always been an animal lover and always wanted to keep a dog at home. We both have had many arguments, on keeping a dog but there were no results. The only person, who could influence my father, was my mother. One day, I went to her and told her to convince her husband (my father) to keep a dog.

She had a talk, with him and he agreed to keep a dog. I was very happy and the very next day, went to a pet shop to buy a dog. I bought the dog and came back home. I kept the dog, without thinking about the impact of keeping it. A few of them are:

Earlier, I used to get up at 9 AM in the morning. There was no one, to disturb my eight hours sleep. I used to watch, late night movies and get up late in the morning. But now, my dog wakes me up at 7 AM and wants me to take him out of the house. I have stopped watching late night movies, because at night also my dog wants to go out and do shit.

My dog used to lick my legs and wake me up in the middle of night. The most effected thing, after keeping the dog was my sleep.

When my dog was small, he used to do shit and pee in the house. My father used to tell me, that I told you not to keep a dog. Now, since you have kept it you will clean all the mess he creates. It became really tough for me, to manage all the things. Then, I kept a care taker for my dog, who could take him out and clean all the mess that he creates. 

The only good thing that happened to me, was that I made a girlfriend with the help of my dog. One night, when I took him out he ran inside a house. The house was of my neighbour, Mansi and I had a crush on her. My dog climbed her house stairs and went to her floor. I entered, her house, went to her floor and rang the doorbell to get my dog. She opened the door and I apologized to her, for the mess that my dog created. She invited me for a coffee and after that, we became very good friends.

Initially, keeping the dog gave a good feeling but with time it became difficult for me to take care of him all the time. So, my dear reader if you want to keep a dog at your home, think of these impacts which I have mentioned

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