Friday, 5 February 2016

The Impact of Internet on Children

Internet is very advantageous for children as it can answer all the questions which they have. It has become very easy for children to look for answers on internet. When I was a child, there was no one to answer my questions at home. My questions were left unanswered, as no one could answer my questions at home.

Now, when I see my child surfing on the internet and finding out answers to his questions, I feel that internet has many advantages. I will tell you a small instance by which you can easily judge the impact of internet on children. My son had to make a science project in his summer holidays. The project was related to motion and he had to make a moving car or a moving bike, something which could move it could be a robot also.

When he told me about his project, I thought how he would be able to make it. He asked for my help, but I didn’t had much clue about how to make it. He was very confident and told me that he will make a robot in his science project.

We didn’t had internet at that time, as I always used to think that internet always has a bad impact on children. There are many things on internet which are not meant for children. The next day, I had a discussion about internet with one of my colleague in office. He told me that you should have internet at home, as the advantages are more than the drawbacks. You can apply security with which there will be restriction on the content and websites.

I compared the tariff plans of two or three companies and finalized one of them. The next day, an engineer from the company came. He installed the modem and the other instruments which were required for the internet. After, the installation the engineer told us that now you can browse internet on any of your device. It was a Wi-Fi router, so I could use it on my mobile also.

I applied the security using the steps my colleague wrote for me. My son, started to work on his science project. He used to surf the internet for hours and get data which was required to build his robot. In a week’s time, he prepared all the designs which was required to build the robot. The robot was ready in a month’s time just before the re-opening of his school.

He took his robot to school on the first day of re-opening of the school. My son, came back and thanked for the internet. He said that he has received a certificate of appreciation from the school, for his work and all the teachers liked the robot. I was very happy with his hard work and congratulated him on his success.

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