Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Impact of His Nature

During my childhood I can still remember flowers, rainbow in the sky, animals eating and water flowing in river attracting me towards them. I used to stay in park for hours and watching different flowers. I always asked my mother the names of the flowers which I used to see in the park. Rainbow in the sky used to attract me a lot and I used to see and name all the colours in it. All these are the gifts of nature. Children are always attracted towards these beautiful gifts of nature and they become friends with nature. Like us plants and animals are also children of Mother Earth. If you will not value the gifts of nature one day they will vanish and it would be very difficult to live without these precious gifts. It is us, who can preserve and value nature today and give this precious gift to our coming generation.

I still remember, one day my father was so angry with me and when I asked him that why he is angry, he told me that I saw you plucking flowers from the garden. He told me that they also have life and we should not pluck flowers as it would hurt the plant. I immediately said sorry and told my father that I would not do it again.

This attraction towards nature in me was because of my father. He was very close to nature and was very generous. I still remember, my father putting bread for crows and whenever a crow used to come and eat bread I used to clap. By the time I used to come back home all the bread which mu father has kept was eaten up by the crows. Once in a month he used to donate books and stationary in schools.

My father’s giving nature created an impact on me and inspired me to be serve nature. Now, I have taken this responsibility from him. I also feed stray dogs with milk and pigeons with 'Makki' and 'Bajra'. Now, my daily routine is getting up in the morning feeding crows with bread and pigeons with 'Makki' and 'Bajra'. Then near my office there are two stray dogs. I buy half litre double toned milk and feed them. When I reach I pour water to a tree at the back side of my office. I even help poor people by giving them my old clothes and giving them food.

I too would want my children to be friends with nature. It feels good from inside when you do something for nature. I also want to create a good impact on my children so that they help others and come close to nature.

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