Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Impact of The Curse on Dasharatha

Dasharatha, was the king of Ayodhya. He was the son of Aja and Indumati.

He had three wives who were his queens:
  • Kausalya:-the sweetest and eldest
  • Kaikeyi:-the most beautiful and middle one
  • Sumitra:-the most intelligent and the youngest.

He had four sons Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugna. He died, when he was separated from his sons. This was because of the impact of the curse on Dasharatha, by a blind couple. Because of the promise Dasharatha made to his wife Kaikeyi, he had to send Rama to Vanvas (to live in forest) for 14 years. One night, after Rama left Ayodhya, the king Dasharatha could not sleep as his heart was full of grief, because of the injustice he had done to his beloved Rama. He died because of this grief, when all his sons were away from him.

One day, Dasharatha went to the banks of the River Saryu, to hunt. He was an expert I hunting and was well versed in Shabdavedi (hunting by determining the direction of sound). As he was standing near the Saryu, he heard a noise which was made by an elephant drinking water with his trunk. He shot an arrow in the direction of the sound. After a moment, he heard a human voice in pain and someone said, ‘Who has done this? Who hunted me like an animal?’ Dasharath went towards the voice and saw a young boy lying along the banks of the river, with an arrow in his chest. He had a pot of water lying beside him.    

Dasharatha at once realized his mistake and asked for his forgiveness. The boy told Dasharatha, that he is ‘Shravan Kumar’ and was carrying water for his blind parents. They are totally dependent on me. He started to speak with difficulty, because of the arrow in his chest. The young boy, while dying told Dasharatha, to take the pot full of water to his parents, who were waiting at the ashram for him. The ashram was near to the River, so he immediately went there with the pot of water.

The old couple was eagerly waiting for their son, to come back to the ashram. Hearing Dasaratha’s footsteps, they called him with endearing words. They thought that their son has come, as he had gone a long time back to fetch water for them.

Dasharatha, gathered some courage and told the blind couple about their son’s death. The couple was shocked and cried a lot. After a long moment of silence, the father of the boy cursed Dasharatha and said ‘As, I am suffering the pain of separation from my son, you will also die when your son is separated from you.’ After saying this, the couple died.

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