Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Impact of Coming Late

As you gain experience in your career, the responsibilities increase and you have to manage your work responsibly and sincerely. But sometimes, we don’t care and believe that we are at a higher position and no one can say us anything and we can do whatever we want.

A similar thing like this happened to me during my job. When I started my career I was very hardworking. I used to take every assignment as a challenge and used to give my full efforts to complete the assignment. I followed all the rules of the company and used to make sure that I don’t break any rules.

In a very less time I became the team lead of the project on which I was working as an executive. I was given a whole module of the software which our team was developing. I worked day and night and completed my module. My boss told me that I am recommending your name for going to the client side for deployment of the project. I was very happy and told my parents about it. They were also very happy and wished me luck. After few days, the approval also came from the higher management. The project was successful and I was given a special appreciation from the management.

During the promotion cycle of the company I got double promotion. It is obvious that there are people who get happy with your success and there are people who can’t take your success. The number of people who couldn’t were not happy with my success were more than those who were happy.

I became victim of the dirty politics of the company. One day, while I was coming back from my office I met with an accident. I was on the bed for ten days and after that I could not walk comfortably. I used to reach 10 minutes late at office because I could not walk fast. The late comings had an Impact on my promotion and I was not promoted. I went to the director and told about my accident.

The director told me that I can’t do anything the promotion also depends on the feedback given by your mangers. If there would have been such a problem you managers must have mentioned it in your form. I was too much upset that I gave my resignation the very next day. Everyone told me that don’t take any decision emotionally. I told my friends that I have taken a very practical decision and I would switch to another company. I did a lot of hard work during my project and my managers didn’t supported me when I met with an accident.

I left that company and now I am in a far better company than that with a 40 percent hike in my salary.

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