Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Impact of Air Freshners

I am, very much against a smelly environment. Being a housewife, I have always maintained high standards of hygiene in my house. Fighting odour is the toughest part and I make sure, that I remove every single stain and odour from the toughest areas, of the house i.e. kitchen, toilet, dining area and living rooms. Mostly, I use special aerosol sprays or ‘agarbatti’ to remove all kinds of odour. Some smells are really poignant and are below tolerance level. Rose, sandal, jasmine, daisy are the most common fragrances that are available in the market. They have a great impact on odour, as well as they are quiet economical.

In a house there are many areas where you need to take care of bad smell and cleanliness. Let’s start from the kitchen the first thing which needs attention are utensils, for cleansing utensils I use liquid cleansers. Liquid cleansers help me to keep my utensils clean and the fragrance of the cleanser helps to reduce bad smell in the kitchen. A bad quality cleanser, will never clean the utensils completely and one or more stains will be still left. These stains create bad smell in the kitchen.

Then comes the toilet area, the smelliest area in a house. If the toilet is not clean or doesn’t has toilet freshener then it will start giving bad smell. Imagine a guest, using your smelly toilet and then after coming out saying, ‘Aapke toilet mein to bahut badbu hai’. I have faced this situation many times and it’s really embarrassing. Different fragrances are used to clean different kinds of smells for e.g., for room odour I use air fresheners and for fighting the toilet smells I use toilet fresheners.

Then comes the odour in room, room odour can be due to many reasons. It could be because of food, smell from socks sweat from your body in summers, can cause smell in your room. The basic commodity used to kill the body odour are deodorants, they kill the smell of under-arms. The smell can also be from the dust particles in the room, your socks and even the diaper of your baby can also contribute to the smell in the room. The best way to reduce smell is using an air freshener.

I will share one instance with you all, once I had some friends coming over at my place, I ordered lots of food from outside, soon the room started smelling of strong poignant onion odour and it got really embarrassing for me that the whole room was full of strong smell of onions. The smell of it started irritating us. I quickly killed the smell with an air freshener and my guests got relieved from the smell. It’s very important to keep an air freshener in your house. They have a very good impact on bad smell.

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