Friday, 12 February 2016

The Impact of 4G Networks

Before 4G, no one could ever think of live streaming without interruption. Surfing the internet was fine, but watching videos and listening to songs was really a pain for many, on low speed internet. Sometimes, 3G speed is also not enough for watching high quality videos on mobile data. I used to face a lot of issues on my mobile with low mobile data speed. There were many problems which I used to face before 4G which were:

Video Streaming: If I ever had to watch a video on YouTube, the video used to take pause many times because of slow mobile internet connection. The videos took a hell lot of time to load and I had to always wait for them to load. I could only watch low quality videos, on current data speed and watching them was a pain. The videos were blurred and you had to compromise on quality.

Audi Streaming: I like to listen to songs and while driving, I listen to songs online which required a high speed data plan. Low data speed was a problem for me as the songs took a hell lot of time to load and paused in between.

Data Download: It took too much of time to load pictures. The data speed was so slow, that it took very long time to load pictures on my Facebook application. The videos also took very long time, to download and if by any chance you have to download an applications on your phone, which is greater than 100 MB, it will take minutes to download on low data speed.

Data Upload: Data Upload took a lot of time, while uploading on slow speed data connection. I had waited for hours, while uploading videos through my mobile phone on 2G/3G networks. It was a pain to upload data through your phone.

When I heard about 4G, I got my planned changed from 3G to 4G. The impact of 4G network, which I experienced was;
  • The data speed was more and I was able to watch videos without streaming problems. Now, I love watching videos as they do not pause in between.
  • I can now listen to songs online while driving without any pauses in between. Now, I listen to songs only online instead of first putting songs in a pen drive or a disc and then playing it on my car stereo.
  • It takes very less time to download applications and now, I can download applications on the go at a higher speed.
  • Now, I can upload pictures at a high speed. High speed upload makes me upload more and more pictures on the go.

With 4G network speed, I can carry all my data related tasks at a very high speed while on the go.
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