Monday, 15 February 2016

The Fantastico Tata Zica

I have been driving from past 15 years and driven many cars. A complete car, with all the features is very hard to find. Either the design or the performance is good.

For a car to be complete:
  • The car should have a good entertainment system. Romantic music and a long drive with your loved one is the best.
  • The car should give a good average. For a middle class person, a car which gives a good average is the best.  
  • The car should have good design (Interior and Exterior). The car should have a good design of the back lights, reverse lights, parking lights and head lights. The car should provide a tray for keeping the glasses. The car should have a charging port for mobile charging. The car should have a good navigation system.

Now, I have found the car for which I was looking for. The all new zippy car from Tata Motors. Innovative design, stylish interiors and cutting edge technology make Tata Zica the best hatchback for Indian roads yet. Tata Zica can hold its own against any other hatchback in its class. Its #Fantastico!

Some of its features are:

Design: The design is the most important part. It gives the overall look to the car. Whether it’s interior or the exterior both should be good.

The DESIGNEXT features of Tata Zica are:
  • Confident and agile stance with the new, multifaceted Tata emblem and signature hexagon grille.
  • Layered design theme with a dual tone interior. Customizable air vents and premium graphics on fabric.
  • Multiple storage spaces designed for easy access. All controls within easy reach.

Engine: The engine is the most important part of a car. It’s like the heart in the human body.

The DRIVENEXT features of Tata Zica are:
  • Petrol – Revotron 1.2L engine with 85PS power and 114Nm torque with Multi-Drive mode (Eco & City).
  • Diesel – Revotorq 1.05L with 70PS power and 140Nm torque with Multi-Drive mode (Eco & City).
  • Advanced dual path suspension for a comfortable drive.

Apart from design, a good music and navigation system should also be there to make a peppy environment inside the car. All these features, have a good impact on the sales of the car.

The CONNECTNEXT features of Tata Zica are:
  • ConnectNext Infotainment, exclusively developed by HarmanTM.
  • Rest assured that you’ll never take a wrong turn with accurate Turn-by-Turn Navigation guidance (For Android OS Only). For those, who are bad at remembering the navigation system in the car is good.
  • Juke-Car App (First-in-class)*: Sync multiple phones to a host phone and share your music with your friends via private hotspot network.
(*Compact hatches under 4m length with 3 cylinder engine)

All these features make the new Tata Zica a Fantastico car.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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