Friday, 19 February 2016

The Embedded Musical Chip

Creative party invitations are really hard to write. Recently, a friend of mine wanted to plan a birthday party for his father’s 50th birthday. He called me up and asked me that if I can help him to create a creative party invitation. I told him, to come to my place tomorrow and we will make the invitation card together.

He wanted to make a very creative invitation. It took me a whole day, to think of the matter to be printed on the invitation card. When I showed him the content, he was very happy with it and finalized it. But, the problem was that he wanted something extra, in the invitation apart from just the content.   

I gave him many suggestions, I told him to put some balloons around the corner of the invitation, or to print some whisky bottles on the corner of the invitation. I suggested him that he can, make a box for the invitation and send a bottle of vodka, along with the card to everyone. Another, suggestion which I gave him, was to get his father’s name printed on some chocolates and give them along with card. He didn’t like any of the idea which I gave to him.

After, thinking the whole night that day, I came up with a suggestion to create a musical card. My friend said that it’s an old concept and I don’t want to use this concept in my invitation. I told him, that we will not use music in our invitation, instead of it we will have your recorded voice which will speak, ‘Happy Birthday’ with some music and the content of the invitation card. He liked my idea and started to work on it. Now, the problem which we faced was that, where to get the recording done.  The recording was to be embedded on a chip. The whole task involved a lot of technicalities, which we didn’t knew.

A friend of mine, worked for a company who manufactures embedded chips for washing machines. I called him, at my home and he told me that the idea we have thought of, will cost us much more than our budget. I told him to talk to the owner of his company, for us and ask him that, if he can manufacture 100 embedded chips for us. The owner of his company agreed to manufacture the chips for us.

My friend, recorded the message on his computer and transferred the file in a pen drive. I gave that pen drive to my friend, who was working in the embedded chip manufacturing company. He gave us the chips after two days and we attached a chip to every invitation card of his father. 

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