Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Dancing Ghost

I have seen many movies in which the ghost busters catch the ghosts using ‘mantras’ or some an electric gun. Each movie shows a different way of catching ghost. When I asked my wife that what do you think which could the most effective way of catching a ghost, she replied ‘There are no ghosts in real, all these films are based on fiction’.

We had a long discussion on the existence of ghost and slept discussing the topic. In the middle of the night, I woke up with the noise of a breaking glass. The noise came from the kitchen. I looked at the clock it was 2 AM. I got up and went to the kitchen to see who is there. I looked everywhere but could not find anyone. The window of the kitchen was open, I went towards the window to close it and suddenly a cat came from the tree outside our house.

The glass broke because of the cat, I closed the window and came back to my room. When I entered the room I heard some sounds coming from the guest room of our house. When I entered the guest room I saw something which I could not forget my whole life. I saw a ghost dancing on the music which I play daily while doing my exercise. I was shocked to see the ghost and was trying to escape from the room without making a noise.

I was about to move out but unfortunately the Vass near the door fell and broke. I always used to tell my wife that don’t keep the Vass near the door but she never listened to me. The ghost saw me and came towards me and said ‘Would you like to dance with me’? I could say no because if I would have said no the ghost would have killed me. I started to dance with the ghost. After a while, he said to me that ‘Can I take your music disc with me to my home’? I had no option other than saying yes to him. Most of the songs on the disc were very difficult to find now. I gave that disc to him and he went away.

Suddenly, I woke with the alarm of clock and I realized that what I saw was just a dream. I went to the guest room to do my daily exercise and saw that the Vass was broken. I asked my wife about the Vass, she told me that the maid must have broken it. Till date, I think that what I saw was a dream or was real. This time, I instructed my wife not to keep the Vass near the door.

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