Monday, 1 February 2016

The Balance Of Life

My wife has a strong will power and very hardworking. When I see her will power of doing things which are next to impossible for me I feel good about her. There are instances in which I give up but she doesn’t. She looks after me at home and manages her office at the same time. She has maintained a very good balance between her family life and office work which everyone cannot. 

She prepares breakfast for me in the morning, packs my lunch and then leaves for office. Apart, from these qualities she is a nice dancer also. She likes to dance on classical music and goes to dance classes in the evening after her office. When she comes back, she prepares dinner for the whole family. She is an awesome cook too. She likes cooking and makes a new dish every weekend. Many times, I have seen her getting up early in the morning and practicing her dance moves. Recently, there was a dance competition in our society. She practised day and night for the competition and won the first prize, she did fantastico dancing and everyone liked her dance. All the people were clapping their hands.

Above all, she is very understanding. Whenever I am in a bad mood or in some tension she comes to know just by seeing my facial expressions and starts asking me, what has happened? She tells me to calm down and have some water and tell her what has happened. After, listening to my problem she gives me solutions which sometimes work very well. Once I had an argument with my boss and I was very upset. I was unable to think of any solution to the problem. I told my wife about the whole situation. The issue was that I submitted the daily report five minutes late and he scolded me for that. I told him that I am only five minutes late and on this he started arguing. My wife gave me an advice that you tell him that you were doing an important work so you could not submit the report on time.

In today’s time, life moves so fast that it becomes very difficult to manage each and everything properly. Handling office pressure and managing the responsibilities at home at the same time is very difficult. But, when I see my wife doing all her things at home perfectly and managing the office at the same time I feel proud of her. She manages both the thing very efficiently.

In all, I believe my wife is very hard working, has strong will power and is very understanding. These qualities of her make her what she is and I am proud of her. 

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