Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Navigation and Nearby Search

Sometime it becomes very difficult to find an ATM or Petrol Pump when you require one urgently. I have many instances in which I required an ATM or a petrol pump and wasted time in finding it.  The navigation software in my mobile has proved to be very beneficial in this regard. You can do a nearby search and you will get the result of ATM’s and Petrol Pumps in that area.

I still remember, once I was coming back from a marriage and the fuel in my car was very low. I started to find a petrol pump nearby. As, I didn’t knew about that area so I had to face a lot of difficulties in finding one. I asked each and every person who I thought might know where a petrol pump is. I got mixed response from them and used my brains to locate the petrol pump. After, searching for 20 minutes and wasting a lot of petrol, I found one.

Now, the whole scenario has changed with the navigation software. If a need to find a petrol pump I select petrol pump in nearby search and get the result for all the petrol pumps which are nearby.With navigation software I can easily find any nearby petrol pump or ATM.

A similar instance happened when I needed some cash urgently. It was a Sunday evening, I wanted to buy a LED TV for my room. I had already set a budget for that and kept the money in my pocket. I went to an electronics showroom and started to look at the LED’s. After seeing around ten LED TV’s, I finalized one. The cost of TV was one thousand more than my budget, I bargained a lot but that was the final price he gave me. Now, I had one thousand rupees less in my pocket. I asked them if they accept cards. They said ‘Sorry sir, we don’t accept card’.  I asked the salesman at the showroom he said ‘Sir, I am new here and I don’t know if any ATM is nearby’. I came out, sat in my car and started to search for an ATM. I had to search for almost half an hour and when I reached the ATM there was a long queue. I have tried a lot of Navigation software and now you can search for hospitals and addresses on these software. Day by day the developers are improving these software.

This was the case in a metropolitan city like Delhi. What if someone needs to find something in a small state where ATM’s and petrol pumps are very less in number, it would be very difficult for him to find one. The nearby search is very helpful when  you need to find places like these. 

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