Monday, 1 February 2016

Music In Our Pocket

Now, music has come into our pockets. Earlier, I remember I used to listen songs on radio. I used to wait for my favourite show on radio, on which I requested my song. When my requested song was played on radio, I used to feel very happy. I had a transistor on which I used to listen to songs and news.

Then with the advancement of technology came television and cable TV. My transistor went into my wardrobe and I bought a new television. Now, on television I could watch videos of my favourite song. I still remember when colour television came, there was only one television in our house and there were fixed timings for everyone. Once, I had a fight with my brother that who will watch the television. The incidence was that I came back from the office and my brother was watching television, I told him that a very nice show is coming on the music channel. He instead of changing 
the channel he said ‘This is my time of watching’.

After television came mobile phones, now I can easily transfer my favourite music in my mobile phone and listen it anywhere. With mobile phones music has come in our pocket and we can listen it anywhere.  With 3G and 4G we can watch videos of our favourite songs on internet also. The technology has advance so much that music has come in our pockets.

The latest gadget which I like is my Bluetooth speakers. I connect my Bluetooth speakers with my mobile and listen to my favourite songs at my home and I don’t have to fight with anyone for this. While driving also I can listen to my favourite music by playing it on my car stereo. I sometimes, connect my mobile and connect it with my car stereo with aux cable. With internet, you can play your favourite music anywhere and at any time.

Recently, we had an Independence Day celebration in my locality and I was told to get some patriotic music to play in the celebrations. I took my speakers which had a good sound quality and played patriotic songs through internet. How simple it has become, I just connected my mobile to internet and selected the Independence Day songs, created a playlist and played it.
It was so easy for me to play music on internet else I would have to purchase a CD first then arrange for a CD player and connect it with a power supply. Technology, has made music come in our pocket. We can play it anywhere at any time and that too of our choice. Just select your favourite song and you can play it on your mobile, iPod or laptop.  

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