Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Music and Plants

Scientists say that plants which hear music grow at a very fast rate and are very healthy. First I didn’t believe on this but after a small experiment of mine I concluded that what scientists say is true.  The experiment was simple and I didn’t had to do much to perform the experiment. It was an experiment for my school also so I had to do it.

I bought two plants which were same and kept one of them near my room and one at the gate of my house. The one which I kept near my room could listen to music and the one which I kept near the gate could not. The experiment duration was two months. I used to give the water to both at the same time and both of them received the same amount of sunlight.

Now, the plant which I kept near my room could listen to music as I used to play some music during the day and night. It became a daily routine for me to play the music. Initially, both the plants grew at the same rate and I thought that maybe scientists are wrong and music does not has any effect on the growth rate of plants. I started to create my report in which I mention that both were growing at the same rate. I took suggestion from my elder brother and asked him that if I am doing the experiment correctly or not. He said ‘You are doing it in correctly’.

I asked my father he also said that I am doing the experiment correctly. One month passed and both the plants grew at the same rate. After a month, the growth rate started to vary. The plant near my room started to grow slightly faster than the plant kept near the gate of my house. I started to record the variations. I created a chat of height, the number of flowers and the overall health of the plant. To record the health status I had to further create a chart which had a lot of factors involved.

I was very happy with the success of my experiment. I used to record the readings daily and prepared a graph for both the plants. To compute the health status some calculations were also involved which were very lengthy and I took the help of my maths teacher for that. In the end, I concluded that the height of the plant near my room was 2 centimeters more than the plant near the gate. The number of flowers were same and the health status of the plant near my room was better than the one near the gate.

I received an ‘A’ grade for my experiment. 

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