Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Music and Food Pairing

Many of you, must have heard about pairing food with wine or any other drink. But, have you ever heard of pairing food with music. Recently, I went to an event which was about how to pair Indian food with wine. The event also had the launch of the book ‘Easy Guide to Pairing Indian Food and Wine’ by ‘Michael Swamy’.

The event was at cafe ‘Delhi Heights’ and there, I learnt about how to make different types of wine cocktails. Now, at home I make some very nice cocktails with wine. The concept behind the pairing is the taste. We make that cocktail, which tastes the best with the type of Indian food you are having. 
The type of drink, depends on the taste of the dish and the cuisine which you are having.

A friend of mine runs a restaurant in Connaught Place. His restaurant is very popular and among the top five restaurants in Connaught Place. When he opened the restaurant, it was in loss for three months. He worked very hard, but could not make his restaurant popular among people. He took loan from me to run the restaurant as he was short of money. I told him to shut down the restaurant and start another business but he didn’t.  He was confident that his restaurant will become the most popular in the city. The restaurant was his dream project.

One day, I went to his restaurant for dinner to see where he lacks. The food was great and the ambiance was also good. The only thing which I thought, could help the restaurant was some peppy music. The music at the restaurant was very dull. The people used to get bored while eating and drinking.

Then I came with the unique concept of  Music and Food Pairing. The idea was simple, I told him to keep different type of music on different days and pair a cuisine with the type of music. For example, keep Monday nights as Punjabi delight and serve special food for Punjabi’s. The music on that day should be Punjabi music. It would be a theme based cuisine and it will be a new concept.

He was very impressed with my concept and implemented it in his restaurant. The restaurant clients increased day by day. After six months, the restaurant started to show profits and became popular in central Delhi. People from remote parts of Delhi started to come to the restaurant. The restaurant started to have half an hour long waiting. He started home delivery also and got a good response.

Food Magazines started to write about the restaurant in their magazine. Now, the restaurant is among the top five restaurants in Connaught Place.

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