Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Impact of Increasing Cars on The Road

Earlier, people used to walk a lot as there were no cars. People were fit, because of their walks and exercises. My father used to tell me that, he used to walk around 10 KM daily from Karol Bagh to Sadar Bazar and Sadar Bazar to Karol Bagh. Sometimes, he used to travel by bicycle and it was an exercise for him. Earlier, the air used to be so fresh and healthy but now because of pollution the air has become unhealthy.  There were no traffic jams and no sounds of the horns.

With time, people have started to use cars to travel small distances also. As a result, the traffic on the roads is increasing day by day. For, long distance travels cars are useful but for short distance I think everyone should prefer to walk.

The impact of increasing cars on the road which everyone is facing are:

Air Pollution: With the increasing number of cars, the pollution in the air has increased so much that sometimes, it becomes difficult to breathe. Because of polluted air, our lungs are getting effected day by day. The car owners do not get their cars checked for pollution. The car owners, should get their car checked for pollution at regular intervals. If the pollution emission levels are high, they should get their car tuned immediately.

Noise Pollution: With the increase in the number of cars, the noise pollution because of the horns of the car has also increased. My office is on the main road, during the day time there is too much of noise because of the traffic on the road. I am unable to do any work because of the noise.

Traffic: The biggest problem which everyone faces is of traffic. When the Delhi metro came, I thought that the traffic on the road will decrease. But, there was no change in the traffic density on the roads of Delhi. People don’t want to use the public transport. Once, I was returning from India Gate and it usually takes half an hour to reach my home from there. Because of the traffic, it took me 3 hours to reach my home from India Gate.

The Even Odd rule, was successful to some extent as there was less traffic on the roads. The people were following the rule and made it a success.

Increased Use of Non-renewable fuels: The increase in the number of cars, have resulted in the increase in the use of non-renewable resources like petrol and diesel.

Increased Rate of accidental Deaths: The increase in the number of cars on the roads, have increased the rate of the accidental rate of deaths on the roads.

These are some of the impacts of increasing cars on the road.

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