Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fantastico Tips for Your Safety

The roads, these days are not at all safe to walk specially for females. The cases of theft, kidnapping and rape are increasing day by day. I thought of some fantastico tips and wrote, which I think everybody should follow for their safety. 

Empty roads: Try to avoid empty roads. When you are on an empty road anyone can follow you and attack on you. There will be no one to save you on an empty road.

When somebody follows you: If you find that someone is following you, immediately enter a public place, shop or a mall. Entering one of these places will keep you safe as there will be a lot of people who can protect you. 

Pepper Spray: Always, keep a pepper spray along with you. If a person tries to attack you and you are not good with self defense than you can just spray the Pepper Spray on him into his eyes.You will get time to escape from there.

Don't wear too much gold: You should not wear too much gold. as wearing too much gold will increase your visibility to thieves. Recently, there were at least five cases in my locality of gold stealing. Two people on bike used to hypnotize and take all the gold within seconds.

A Telephone Diary: Mobiles have made us so dependent that we don't remember even one telephone number. Imagine that your mobile battery is drained and your battery pack is also discharged and your phone gets off. In case you need any help, how will you call your family or friend? So, keep a telephone diary with important numbers in it. 

Be Confident while Walking: When walking on roads, or traveling just keep yourself confident or else you will be followed by some bad people. 

Car Windows: Don't open your car windows, to talk to a stranger or get down from your car. A few months back there were cases when an egg hits your window. You get down from the car to clean it and a person steals your bag from the back seat of your car. So, next time be careful.  

Vehicle Numbers you hire:  If you hire a public transport like auto rickshaw, taxi, or a cab for long distance, message the number of the vehicle to your family members or a friend. Keep them informed.

Self - Defense:  My advice to everyone is that, you should know how to defend yourself. One should know at least one art of defense. In case, if somebody tries to attack you then you may at least defend yourself and run. At some places in India free self defense classes are given to women. So, learn at least one art of defense.

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