Friday, 19 February 2016

Fantastico Foods of Delhi

I am a big foodie and like to try new dishes. There are some fantastico dishes, which you will get only in Delhi. These dishes are:   

Chicken Tikka: Chicken Tikka is a Punjabi dish. Tikka means pieces and the chicken tikka comes in the form of pieces. I like to have chicken tikka once a month with my friends. It is served, without gravy and with gravy it is known as chicken tikka masala. It can be eaten as an appetizer or in main course with gravy.

Butter Chicken: Butter chicken is a Punjabi dish. It’s a gravy dish and is made a bit spicy. It is not for people, who don’t like to have butter in their food. Butter chicken is full of butter and is very fattening.

Chole Bhature: Chole Bhature is a Punjabi dish. It’s not for people who hate fried food. The bhatura’s are fried in oil and are very fattening, but the taste is awesome. The bhatura’s are made of flour (maida) and may be stuffed with potatoes or cheese (paneer). The bhatura’s are served with chole and onions.

Paranthas: Paranthas are my favourite for breakfast. The parnthas can be made in desi ghee or butter. They can be stuffed with potato, cheese (paneer), cauliflower and many other vegetables. The paranthas are served with butter or curd. I usually, have paranthas in my breakfast.

Chole Kulche: Chole Kulche is not as fattening as chole bhature because kulcha’s are not fried. The kulcha’s are made of maida but not fried like bhatura. They are served with onions and pickle to increase the taste. Chole kulche is generally eaten in lunch or as an evening snack.

Aloo Tikki: Aloo tikki is a street food of Delhi. The aloo tikki is made of potato and then fried in a pan. The tikki is stuffed with peas and dal and is served with chutney and onions. In my area, there is an old tikkiwala called ‘Sindhi Tikki’.  

Aloo Chaat: Aloo chaat is made of potatoes, the only difference in aloo chaat and aloo tikki is that, aloo chaat has no stuffing and it is served as small pieces of potatoes.  

Shawarma: Shawarma may be stuffed with chicken, mutton, lamb or vegetables. The filling is made with mayonnaise and onions. Chicken shawarma is my favourite. We friends, once in a month make a plan to have shawarma.

Rolls: Rolls is the most popular street food in Delhi. The rolls are made of ‘parantha’ or ‘rumali roti’. Those who love paranthas have the roll in parantha. The rolls are made by, stuffing vegetables or chicken in ‘parantha’ or ‘rumali roti’. The onions and mayonnaise may be added to the stuffing. My favourite roll is ‘Double Egg Double Chicken’. 

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