Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Road Trip to Mumbai

College time was the best time to explore places. Every weekend, we friends used to plan a road trip and explore a new place. In the last year, of our college we planned a road trip to Mumbai from Delhi. Mumbai is approximately 1,400 KMs away from Delhi.

We calculated that how much days, it would take us to reach Mumbai. We took 60 KMPH as the average speed with which the time came out to be 24 hours. If we drive non-stop, then it would take us 1 day to reach Mumbai which was practically not possible for us. We were five friends, out which four knew how to drive. The maximum duration for which one could drive continuously, was 4 hours. Other than driving, we had to sleep at night and take stops for meals.

We concluded that, it would take us 2 days to reach Mumbai. Two days before our travel, we gathered all the required stuff. We bought chips, biscuits, bread, jam, butter, soft drinks and beer. The beer was only for the night before dinner. We friends don’t drink and drive. The route was easy to find as we all had navigation software in our mobile.

I took my car for the trip, so all of us decided to meet at my place. I turned on the navigation software in my mobile to find the nest route. The route which we took was:

New Delhi -> Jaipur -> Ajmer -> Udaipur (sleeping point) -> Vadodara -> Surat -> Mumbai

We decided that we will take a lodge, when we will reach near Udaipur and sleep there. We started our journey, with a Facebook check-in. We got many likes and comment for the check-in. As planned, when we reached Udaipur we took a lodge and stayed there. In the night, we had beer and played cards and slept late. We got up late in the morning because of the hangover, so we decided to see Udaipur and continue our journey to Mumbai tomorrow.

We saw many palaces and museums in Udaipur and had a lot of fun. We decided that we will not drink today, as we had to leave early in the morning tomorrow for Mumbai. We woke up at 7 AM in the morning and continued our journey.

It took us 22 hours to reach Mumbai. We took a hotel for 2 nights / 3 Days in Mumbai. We saw Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Siddhivinayak Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, Haji Ali Dargah, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach and many more places in Mumbai. If we had to plan this road trip without a navigation software, than it would have been impossible for us to reach Mumbai in 22 hours. 

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