Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Fantastico Restaurant – The Ambiance

In the part one, I mentioned about the impact of the innovative and unique dishes on me, that the restaurant served in which I went. In this post, I will tell about a restaurant whose ambiance was great and the concept was very nice.

On Diwali, all my friend play cards but I don’t because I don’t like playing cards. They called me up and asked me to join them. I told my wife that my friends are calling to join them for the cards party. She said ‘What will we do there, you don’t play cards’. I replied, ‘We will sit and watch them, once they finish playing cards we will have dinner and come back’. She gave it a thought and agreed to go to the cards party.

We both started to get ready and as usual I got ready in ten minutes and she took half an hour to get ready. The cards party was at one of our friend’s place. We reached half an hour late, they had started playing the cards. We stayed there for an hour and it seemed as if they will play cards the whole night.

I started to think that how to leave from here, because they will play cards the whole night and I will get bored. I told them that I have to go to my in-law’s place for dinner. At first, they said no you will not go then I told them that we have a get together there and it’s really important. We left from my friend’s place and now the question was where to have dinner.

My wife said ‘Let me search on the Internet’. She found a restaurant in Karol Bagh, which was near our place. We reached the restaurant and because of Diwali, the restaurant had a waiting of 45 minutes. I asked my wife to leave and go to another restaurant. She said that because of Diwali there will be waiting at every restaurant, so let us wait here. We waited for around 30 minutes and the manager called us.

As we entered the restaurant, we both were amazed by the ambiance of the restaurant. The whole restaurant was based on the theme ‘Water Animals’. There were aquariums everywhere in the restaurant. The restaurant had dummies of water animals which were made of stones. The look of the menu was also according to the theme.

They served the food in the plates which were designed like a shell. The food was nice but the best part was the ambiance was amazing. No one in the restaurant was talking about the food, all were discussing about the ambiance. Food plays an important part in making a restaurant successful but a good ambiance is also equally important.

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