Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Fantastico Restaurant - The Innovative Dishes

When I was in college, I always had a dream of opening a restaurant. For, this I did a lot of research and went to almost hundred restaurants. I will not talk about the experience in each and every restaurants but will talk about those which had a great impact on me.

It was Saturday night and my wife forced me to take her out for dinner. I was very tired and told her that let’s plan it for the next weekend. But, she was not ready to listen to me and kept on saying to me ‘We will go today or never’. The old husband wife issue in which wives always win. I said ‘Ok, give me some time to get ready’. We husband’s don’t take much time to get ready, I was ready in ten minutes and my wife was still busy doing make up. She took half an hour to get ready and we left from home.

Now, she said that we will try a new restaurant today. I thought that I am tired and my wife wants to explore Delhi to have dinner at a new place. To avoid any argument I said ‘Ok, as you wish’. He started looking on the internet for a nice place and found one. The restaurant was in Connaught Place which was near to our home. The restaurant had a waiting of 30 minutes and that too on a weekday. I was eager to know that what’s so special about this restaurant that it has too much of waiting. After, waiting for 20 minutes the manager called us and we went inside. The ambiance of the restaurant was fine.

The waiter gave us two menu cards, one was a bar menu and the other was the food menu. The design of the menu was very good. The fonts and the colour combination of the menu was awesome. We started to search for a nice dish, the restaurant had some very innovative dishes on the menu which no one could even think. This made me think that if you want to make your restaurant successful, you need to do something innovative to make it successful.

We ordered two appetizers and one main course with mixed breads. The food was nice and the dishes which they served were unique and something new for a foodie like me.

There is so much of competition in the restaurant line and the dishes which are served are of the same type. So, the question which comes to a customer’s mind is that why I would visit this restaurant when there are many other restaurants in the city. To attract customers, the restaurant should have something unique which is not available in any other restaurant.

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