Sunday, 31 January 2016

When We Got Seperated

It was my college time when we met each other. We were in the same batch pursuing our B.Tech in Information Technology. I was intelligent so she used to take my help for completing notes and for studies. We used to sit in the college canteen for hours talking to each other and studying. We became very good friends and soon we realised that we are very compatible with each other and we decided to plan our future together. We both looked nice together. It was then the time of our campus placements companies came to our college. I was selected in the company called Sapient, Gurgaon. I told to her and she was very happy.

I was praying for her to get placement in the same company. She had her interview next day, Infosys also came on that day. She first went for the Infosys interview and got selected. Then she went for the sapient interview. It went for about fifteen minutes I waited outside for her. When she came, she had tears in her eyes, I was scared and she told me what I was not expecting she said

"I didn't got selected" and ran away from there crying.

It was the worst thing I could have ever thought of in my life. We still had a year more together as we had to join after completing our B.Tech.

We both were upset but had our careers ahead so could not help it. On the day when she had to leave I went to her home to drop her to the airport, I also met her family. She had already told about me to her family. So it was like an interview for me. They asked me a whole lot of question about me. After, about half an hour we left from her home. We both were in tears at the airport and I had only one thing to say

 "Apna Khayal rakhna and keep me informed" and I came back home thinking of her.

Days became like Months, Months became like Years and Years became like Decades for both of us. We now used to talk less on phone as we both became busy in our jobs. We started having fights very frequently. One fine day almost after ten months she surprised by saying that

"I have been selected for an Interview in a Company in Noida". 

Nobody can imagine how happy I was at that moment. The interview was next week. That week waiting for her became like a year for me. 28th June 2009, the day when I was meeting her after ten months. I was so excited and confused what to wear. I bought a bunch of roses and chocolates for her. I left home and reached the airport before time and I came to know that the fight has been delayed by half an hour. I as waiting and exactly after half an hour I received a call from her and she said

"The plane has landed, where are you?"

I was super excited. I told her that I am outside. She came out and I almost ran at the airport to hug her. I gave her the chocolate and roses. We then went for a Lunch we had a lot to talk. Then, we went to Model Town Lake our favourite place to sit and talk and played some music on my mobile. She gifted me a Shirt and then in the evening I dropped her at her home.

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