Saturday, 23 January 2016

When I Got Lost on the Road

I am very bad in remembering routes and get confused most of the time, even while travelling on the same route to a particular destination. For people like me, navigation software are very useful. I can easily feed the starting pint and destination and can get all the routes available for that destination with navigation.

Earlier, I used to ask an auto rickshaw wherever I got confused. Where I could reach in half an hour it used to take an hour almost double the time. It was all because I am very bad at remembering routes. Once I had an interview in Gurgaon and my house is around 14 KMs away from the venue. I knew that I have to leave early as it will take me double time to reach the venue.

The interview was at 10 AM and it usually take 45 minutes with traffic to reach the venue from my house. I decided to leave at 8 AM in the morning but unfortunately I woke up late and left for the interview at 9 AM. As expected I got late, I reached for the interview at 10:15 and I lost the punctuality marks in the interview.

Another instance happened when I was going to a marriage with my wife, I got totally lost which route to take and had to ask from people which I consider very unsafe during the night. It took around one hour to reach the venue of marriage. The place is 25 minutes from my house but because of the route problem. My wife was very angry after this incidence.  

I got a new book of Delhi route map and started reading it day and night just to memorize all the routes. It was really next to impossible for me to memorize all the routes and after five days I gave up. After a month or so, I came to know about navigation software and installed one on my mobile phone.

Now, with navigation software in my mobile, before starting my drive I open the navigation software and feed the destination and I get all the possible routes. I believe that a navigation software is a must for people like me who are bad with routes. Navigation software are very user friendly and anyone can use it easily.

I really feel good now when I am driving and now I like to explore new places with my wife. It has become very easy to locate restaurants and places. Navigation software are compatible with all mobile operating systems and can be installed on any device. I personally think that everyone must have a navigation software installed of their mobile phones. It is very useful in finding routes.

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