Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Manglik Impact

There are some decisions in life which are taken emotionally not practically. You have to make a choice, either this way or that way. In my life too there was a moment in which I took a decision emotionally by listening to my heart. It was about my marriage with the girl whom I loved from my childhood days. I faced a lot of difficulties in convincing my parents for my marriage.

My wife is Non-Manglik and I am Manglik, we both faced an old issue of Manglik’s. My parents were not agreeing for my love marriage as my wife was Non-Manglik. My parents told me not to marry her as she is a Non-Manglik and your marriage will face difficulties or she will die. They said that they have seen cases in which the non-manglik person dies so you should not marry her. I don’t know what impact this Manglik thing had on them but it was all about my love. I had to take a decision either I had to listen to my parents or to my heart and go ahead with my love marriage.

Her parents were also against our marriage and told her the same thing that our marriage will face difficulties. It was becoming very difficult to make a choice. We had a talk about running from our houses and going to a place where no one can find us. But, later we realized that it’s not correct to do this. At last, we both decided to take charge of our life and told our parents that we want to marry each other and we are matured enough to handle our things on our own. It was a tough time for us to manage the situations at our home. We both had to convince our parent which was not an easy task.

Finally, after months of discussion we managed to convince our parents, and they agreed for our marriage. My father and her father both talked over phone and decided to meet in a nearby restaurant and fixed our marriage. They fixed the date of marriage the same day when they met and cards were also finalized. We both are now happily married and it’s been almost two years now and soon my wife would me a mother and I will become a father. Now, I feel that I made a good choice by listening to my heart. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow a certain path but taking difficult paths in life can be very fruitful. At that time, if I had listened to my parents than both of us would have ruined our lives. I listened to my heart and it was a good choice made by me.

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