Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Difficult Choice

Everybody faces a moment in his/her life where he/she has to make a decision which will affect his whole life. It could be anything from choosing a career to marriage. When my tenth class result came I was very happy with my marks. I came home and started dancing on some peppy music. Now, I wanted to choose science stream as I wanted to become an engineer but all my friends took commerce. I decided that I will take commerce and will do a course in computers. I filled the form for commerce.

My elder brother has always been an inspiration for me. I told him about the whole situation and he suggested me that you should take science with computers because you are very good in computer subject. Just doing what your friends are doing for the sake of their company, without thinking how it will affect your whole life is wrong. He told me that you have an area of interest and you should explore the opportunities in that area. Your friend must be having their area of interest in commerce that’s why they are taking it. You can be very successful in your career if you will take science and then go for engineering rest is your choice. 

After this advice, the whole night I gave it a thought and I realized that I can meet my friends daily in the recess time. Just for the sake of their company I cannot ruin my whole life by taking commerce. I like computers and I should take Computer Science as my stream. The next day I filled up the form again by requesting my teacher and selected Computer Science in the form. My teacher also said “Aditya, you have taken a good decision as you are good in Computers so you should take Computer Science”.

My friends were unhappy but they knew that my decision was correct. They supported me in my decision. Sometimes a good advice can help you to shape your life. I studied hard and took admission in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Univerity which is a well-known University for engineering in Delhi. My college was Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology which is among the top five institutes of the college. I successfully completed my engineering with first division and had my placement done through the on-campus placements. I was among the first five students to get the job offer and I felt very proud of myself.

Now, I am working as a software developer for a multinational company. It was a good decision to take science stream at that time and the advice of my elder brother saved me from taking a wrong decision which could ruin my life.

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