Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Delayed Flight

Recently, I had an office meeting in Mumbai. I have been hearing about Mumbai’s night life for a very long time, but never got a chance to visit Mumbai. I started to plan for the meeting five days before and extended my stay on my own expenses as I wanted to see Mumbai. I kept all the things necessary for my travel and packed my bag two days before the travel date.

Now, I was waiting for the day to come. I reached the airport two hours before, which was very early for a domestic flight. I passed time by listening music and reading newspaper. After, an hour the check-in counter opened and I took my boarding pass.

After I took the boarding pass, an announcement regarding my flight was made that it has been delayed by an hour. I again passed time by listening to music and reading newspaper. They flight took-off one hour late. I saw in-flight entertainment in the plane. I felt relaxed after I saw the in-flight entertainment as it would be very tough to pass time after so much of delays.

I turned on the entertainment system and started to watch a movie. The flight was of two hours and now I was confident that there will be no delays. After, some time there was an announcement in the flight that due to some technical issues the flight is doing an emergency landing. I banged my head slowly on the seat in front of me. The airlines company gave complimentary hotel stay for all the passengers as it was too late for a flight on the same day. I left a day before the meeting so a stay was not an issue for me.

The flight was early in the morning so I didn’t unpacked my bags and slept in the clothes which I was wearing. I reached Mumbai around 9 am in the morning and my meeting was at 11 am. I was new in Mumbai and had no idea about routes. My father did his job in Mumbai and he told me that you just do a taxi and tell him the address he will go by meter. I did as he told I told him the address and he took me the place well in time I took bath, changed my clothes and went for the meeting.

After the meeting I relaxed for some time in my room and went to explore Mumbai. I visited many places and the best part was sitting at the beach. I went to the hard rock cafe at the night. Mumbai has the best night life. Overall, it was a good experience except the delays I had in my flights. 

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