Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Cricket Match

I am a big cricket fan. I used to even skip meals to watch cricket matches when I was a kid with no mobile and television in my room. My mom used to keep calling me for Lunch/Dinner and I used to sit and watch match as if I am a statue. Every, year the saddest moment in my cricket watching craziness was my exams. It was very difficult to choose between my exams and cricket match. It used to be a very difficult situation watching cricket match all day would take me to a big zero in my exams and not watching the match would not let me concentrate on my studies. I sometimes started listening to music and tried not to watch the cricket match, but I could not.

So by now you must be thinking what did I used to do to watch or get an update when I had no mobile and television in my room, poor me. So what my craziness for cricket made me do was, I had a cousin brother Ravi who was older to me and was very intelligent and had a TV in his room. At, that time there used to be only landline phones I used to tell him to give me updates on my landline. First, he said no that I will not tell you the updates if your mother will come to know she will scold me for this. I somehow convinced him and he agreed.

What I used to do was after very half an hour I used to call him and ask him the score and whenever a wicket used to fall he used to call me up so this way I used to get an update. When my mother used to ask me that why he and you are calling so frequent I used to tell her that I am asking Ravi my doubts for tomorrow’s exam. This calling and updates used to keep on till the end of the match.

One day, after asking my cousin when I disconnected the phone and turned back my mother was behind me.  My mouth remained opened for a while and I started to imagine my mother beating me with a big wooden stick. But what she said was the craziest think I could have ever imagined.

You must be thinking what did she said. What she said really made me feel that we Indians love cricket very much. She said that beta 'What’s the score?' I told her the score and she then said from now you will study and I will pick up the phone and will give you the update you go and study. I silently went to my room and started studying.

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