Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Blood Donation

Last year an uncle of mine was admitted to hospital. He was diagnosed of Dengue. Their family is not financially very sound so my uncle was admitted to a charitable hospital in their locality. I helped them by finding the hospital and told them that the rates of the hospital are also very reasonable.
They urgently needed blood so I had to go to donate my blood. When I reached the hospital it seemed to me that I have come to a set of a 1970's movie hospital. An old building with aged doctors and old paint on the walls. My uncle was in Room No. 103. It was a difficult task to find my uncle as there were twelve other patients in that room which was allotted to my uncle. I started my search operation as there was no chart outside the room. My uncle had a low pitch voice like children and my luck I heard his voice, there were no children in the room so it has to be my uncle. I went towards the bed from where the voice was coming and it was my uncle.

My aunt was there and his son was also present. I asked my aunt that how did this happened. She told me that last morning he went to the park in our locality without covering himself and I think because of this only he had got dengue. I always tell your uncle cover yourself when you go to the park but he never listens to me. Now, see what has happened all because that he never listens to me.

While, I was sitting the doctor come and said ‘We will be needing one more bottle of blood, do you have any donor’. I told the doctor that I will donate my blood. While I was waiting do donate blood my uncle's cousin sister came to meet him. She sat and started crying loudly as if my uncle has died. My uncle suddenly shouted as if in pain, my aunt immediately called the doctor. My uncle said to his sister that ‘My dear sister you are sitting on my hand’.

Finally, the doctor called me to donate the blood thank god if I would have stayed there for some more time I would have been admitted to the hospital for sure. Donating the blood was a long procedure. The doctors do some check-ups first and then you donate the blood. After donating the blood, I came back to my uncle and told him to listen to music whenever he gets bored. Music will not only help him to pass time but will also help him to heal fast and he will recover from dengue at a very fast rate.

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