Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Teacher Musica

I have seen many parents who tell their children that my child you become a doctor or engineer in future. It’s like they want their children to do what they want. Even, my parents wanted me to be an engineer and I did my B.Tech in Information Technology.

The story which I am writing about is of my school music teacher musica. She was very talented and music was her passion. Musica is not a nickname, my music teacher’s name was musica. She started teaching me music when I came in class tenth. She was giving her introduction to the class and when she told that her name is musica we all were laughing. I was very keen to know that how her name was kept musica. I could not ask her the reason at that time.

Time passed and I came to class twelfth and again she was my music teacher. I thought of asking the reason behind her name but could not. I was afraid of asking such a question to a teacher. I remember that it was our farewell day and I thought of asking the reason behind her name on that day.

After lunch I went towards her and said ‘Mam can I ask you a question’? She replied ‘Yes, tell me’. Then, I asked her that ‘Mam how your name was kept musica’? She gave a smile and told me that her parents were very fond of music. My parents had a love marriage and they first met in a retro musical night. My mom is a singer and my father is a guitarist. When I was born my father wanted to give me a very unique name, which could be easily related to music and for this he kept on thinking for months.

He thought of many names but could not think of a unique name. One day he was writing a letter and by mistake he wrote the spelling of music as musica. From there he got this name musica. He told my mother that I have thought of keeping our daughters name musica. My mother also liked the name and said ‘It’s a very unique name’.

There is a tradition in our family that when we keep the name of our child we call all the near ones and do a get together and there we tell the name which we are keeping. The very next day after deciding the name my father called all our near ones and told that I am keeping a get together on the coming Sunday. In the get together he told my name to everyone. Every one said ‘It’s a very unique name’.

This is the story behind my name.

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