Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Music a Stress Buster

Music is everywhere, it’s in our soul, whenever I feel sad I turn on the music and just jive to my favourite tune and destress myself. My treasured possession is my collection of music from retro, jive, hip-hop, Bollywood, jazz I have all and one of the best that I love is classical. The music just get into me and then the singing mode turns on. Trance is one music which just takes me to a mesmerized world and my meditation mood turns on.

Whenever I don’t feel sleepy I just start singing my favourite tune and keep on singing till I feel sleepy. It is an unbelievable feeling when you get to know any melody it just makes you feel that music is your inner strength. It is just one tune that you mime and keep on miming till you get tired. I have a collection of all my favourite songs and I play them whenever I want. Sometimes, dancing on my favourite song is also a good stress buster for me. Dance and Music are two things without which 
I cannot live.

In my college days I used to listen to my favourite music to keep myself awake while studying maths. Maths was a very boring subject for me. I always kept some nice music turned on while studying maths. Believe me or not, maths was the only subject in which I used to score the maximum marks. It was all because of music. It used to relax my mind and I could easily concentrate on my studies. To reduce tension I always used to listen to music to reduce my stress and tension of my examinations.

Once, I got failed in social studies and I could not sleep the whole night because I knew my parents will scold me for my poor performance in studies. I didn’t knew what to do as I had to get my answer sheet signed from my parents. To reduce my stress and tension I turned on some music as I couldn’t sleep the whole night. The next day when I told my mother about my marks she instead of scolding me said ‘Work harder for the final exams and score the highest marks’. Next time I studied harder than before and scored highest in the class.

There have been many instances in my life where I got over-stressed and over-burdened with work. Music has been and will always be a stress buster for me. Many people believe that music is a good stress buster. If you have not tried this formula yet try it once and you will see yourself how good music is.

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