Sunday, 31 January 2016

Impact of an Unhealthy diet

I and my wife have become so busy in our daily routines that we don’t get time to take care of our health. We both have sitting jobs so the amount of calories we burn each day is very less. I have reduced the amount of calories which I used to take in my meals by cutting down fried foods. We tried many times to start morning walk but could not because of our laziness. Recently, we have been blessed with a baby boy and he is now seven months old. It’s tough to follow a routine with a small baby but you can at least try.

Post pregnancy, my wife has gained weight and it’s obvious, as there are hormonal changes in the body. I am also overweight but not much. The doctor has clearly said to my wife that you are overweight as compared to your height. You should reduce your weight or else it will lead to health problems in future. Now, you have to decide that you want an unhealthy or healthy life. The doctor also told that your increasing weight may cause heart attack.

He further told us that as per the data we have the risk of heart attacks is increasing day by day because of the food habits we all have. This created such an impact on me that I have now created diet plans for me and my wife and have decided to strictly follow the diet plan, after all it’s about our health.

We both know that after baby you are so involved in baby care, but ignoring your own health at the cost of it is not good. Now, since our baby is seven months old we have decided to give some time to maintain good health. The things which we have thought that we will do are:
  • We will go for walk daily along with our baby in pram at night and will burn extra calories. 
  • We will not take any extra amount of fat in our diet as extra fat in diet increases weight.
  • We will also stop fried foods. 
  • Daily, we will do exercise or yoga for at least 10 minutes in the morning. This will help us burn the extra calories taken at night.

If we follow what we have decided then we will definitely improve our health conditions. It’s in our hand to live a healthy life. We have to give some time to maintain a good health. There is an old saying that “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost”. In my opinion, everyone should take care of their health and must have good eating habits to avoid health problems.

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