Saturday, 9 January 2016

Equality is humanity

When we talk about inspirational stories everyone has its own opinion. Some are inspired by kindness some by generosity some by bravery and some by helping nature. The story which inspired me in 2015 and which made me felt good about this world is of a man who believes that we all are equal. According to him ‘Equality is humanity’. He is always ready to help people and listens to their problems.

I have seen him helping poor people and giving them what they require. Recently, I came back late from a party and I saw him giving his own blanket to security guard of his lane. I asked him that why did he gave such an expensive blanket to the guard. He replied that ‘For me he is not a security guard, he is a human being first’. He told me that if he will not give a blanket to him today he may not survive today’s cold day.

I have seen him talking to people and helping them without thinking that who they are. I have seen him giving his own brand new sweater to a rickshaw wala because he didn’t had one. He strongly believes that all humans are equal and if everyone starts following this there will be no discrimination and this world would be a better place to live. The person I am talking about is my friend’s elder brother and I agree with him. Do you?

I have myself have given my clothes which do not fit me to the people who are need regardless of the fact that how expensive the clothes are. He has inspired me a lot.

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