Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dance on Peppy Songs

When I was a kid I liked to dance and sing. Dancing was one of my hobby. I always used to look out for peppy number on which I could dance. I used to watch music channels and find out some nice peppy number. Everyone has its own choice is selecting a song for dance. Some select classical, some fast numbers or some are like me which dance on peppy numbers. I dance very well on peppy numbers.

Earlier, I believed that I could easily dance on any song but an instance at my school made me realized that I could dance only on peppy numbers. The instance was, there was an inter-school dance competition in our school and I participated in it. I was asked to bring the song of my choice for the dance. I usually dance on peppy numbers but this time I selected a classical song. I knew that it would be tough as it’s not my cup of tea but I wanted to give it a try.

I composed a tape of my favourite classical songs and took it to school on the day of competition. My friends asked me that are you serious about dancing on a classical song. I told them I want to try out classical dance. They told me that you dance very well on peppy songs you should not do a classical today as this is a competition. But I was overconfident that I will do this and did not took the competition seriously.

I didn’t practiced on classical number as I was overconfident that I will do classical too. The competition started and my number was third. My turn came after half an hour, I came on the stage and when the music started I was confused with the steps on classical number. It was such a bad experience for me. I didn’t even made it to the quarter finals. I could never think of something like this happening to me. I scolded myself for showing such a leniency for the competition.

It was a real disaster for me. After this I started practicing dance on classical music but could not do. Soon, I realized that classical dance is not my cup of tea. I realized that I dance very well on peppy songs and I should continue with peppy songs only. After three months another dance competition was there in my school. This time I chose a peppy number and practiced a lot. The day came and I was fourth on the list. My turn came after an hour or so. This time I was much confident and did a lot of practice. This time I received the first prize for my dance. 

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