Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Weird Party Invitation

Recently, I received a wired party invitation from one of my friends. Usually a party invitation is very creative and mentions all the details about the party. It’s like ‘You are cordially invited to attend the so and so occasion on this day at a particular time. There will be lunch or dinner and then some music’. In my whole life till now I have seen these type of invitations.

Yesterday, also I received an invitation which was very creative. Now, talking about the invitation of my friend which I received was like his ‘Bhailog agar party karni hai toh kal sham mere ghar ki chat par aa jaana’. Daru peeyenge aur chicken paadenge te khub naachenge. Nahi aaoge to pachtayoge’. 

This can be translated in English as:

Brothers if you want to party then come at the terrace of my house. We will drink and have chicken and will dance. If you will not come then you will regret.

I went to his house and said to him that what you were thinking while writing this invitation. He told me that bro I wrote this invitation at night when I was drunk too much. In the morning I didn’t read it and posted it.  Above all I gave the party invitation to my father also. When he came back from office he read the invitation and gave me an angry look. Then after that I read the invitation and I was shocked to see the invitation that I wrote.

I gave him suggestion to reschedule the party and prepare a new invitation and give my address as his father came to know about the drink thing and will never allow this to happen. I told him that let us plan the party at my home this time next time we will plan it at your home. He agreed with this idea.

He created a new invitation and sent it to everyone. This time the party was at the terrace of my house. We kept the party for Saturday night as we all have a holiday on Sunday. The day came and the party started. We started with some light music and having beer with peanuts. After some time the doorbell rang I started to think that all guest have arrived now who is on the door. I asked my friend that have you invited anyone else he said ‘No’. I asked my servant to open the door.

What we saw was a shock for us my friend’s father came and said ‘Why did you changed the venue and date, I had to come all the way from my home to yours. Now come on serve some beer to me with extra peanuts’.  

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