Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Trip To Rememeber

We all have become so busy in our daily schedules that it has become very difficult to plan trips. If we manage to plan a trip we make sure that it is properly planned and managed so that we may not face any issues. Trips are always memorable whether it’s a good experience or a bad experience. This summer I planned a trip to Nainital with my in-laws. Hill stations are the best places to visit in hot summers.

Before the trip, we all had a discussion about the place to go. I told them that we can plan for Nainital. A friend of mine has his brother posted in ‘Uttarakhand’ as SP (Superintendent of police), he will arrange for our stay at Academy of Administration, Nainital. The stay would be free for us and we have to arrange only for the conveyance. We were total fourteen members in the family plus two kids. So, we did a tempo traveller which could accommodate twelve and my brother in-law took his Verna. My brother in-law was travelling for the first time to nainital.

Nanital is around 350 KMs from Delhi. We started the journey at twelve midnight because of no entry of heavy vehicles in Delhi. When we were about 50 KMs away from our destination we saw a traffic jam on the road. I came out of the tempo traveller and came know that the road is closed because a dispute between the village people. The villagers are fighting with each other on some property issues. The driver didn’t knew any other route and we started thinking that we should look for a place where we could stay for some time. I turned on my navigation software on my mobile to look for another route. It showed another route which was a bit long but had no traffic as shown by the software. We reached Nainital at around 8 AM.

The temperature there was 16 degrees and in Delhi it was 42 Degrees. Awesome change of weather it was. We had our brunch and went to the Mall road. There we did boating and after that in the evening went to the Zoo. The Zoo at Nainital is much better than the Delhi One. They have Bengal Tiger, Leopard and bear also It was a nice break from the hot weather of Delhi. The next day we went to the ‘Tibetian Market’ for some more shopping. We also went to a ‘mela’ which is only in the peak season and took lot of rides. Loads of fun we did at Nanital. The kids were also happy and they spent a good time enjoying the rides.

We all had a very nice time together at Nainital.

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