Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Romantic Drive with Some Romantic Music

Music is one thing that everyone loves while driving. A romantic music and a long drive is one thing which most of us like to have. I still remember on my birthday my wife decided for a long drive and have dinner at Murthal. Murthal serves very nice parathas and people come from very far to have these parathas. Murthal is around 90 KMs from my place. We took some chips and cold drink along with us to have while on drive. After a very long time we planned such a romantic drive so there was no pint of saying no to my wife.

We started our long drive at around 6 PM in the evening and our estimated travel duration was of 2 hours. It was winter season so we kept some warm clothes. I checked the air in tyres and petrol both were low. We stopped at the petrol pump and I got the petro and air filled. At the petrol pump I searched for my pen drive which had romantic songs. While searching for it, I recalled that had kept all the pen drives at home as I gave the car for service day before yesterday.

We went all the way back to home to get the pendrive and this wasted half an hour. We were in a mood to drop the idea for today and keep it for next week as a lot of time got wasted in returning back to home for the pen drive. Suddenly, the weather became romantic and clouds were all over in the sky. We decided to continue with our plan. We sat in the car again and started are romantic drive.

I turned on some romantic music, after travelling about 40 KMs the car tyre got punctured. My luck, a petrol pump was very near. It took 20 minutes to this puncture thing done. We continued our journey and after about 10 KMs I saw all the cars returning back. I came to know that the road which we have taken is closed further because of some construction. We had to come back 10 KMs and took another route.

So far, our romantic drive had turned into a trouble drive. We finally reached our destination, it took us 3 hours to reach Murthal. We ordered parathas and the food there made us forget all the troubles we faced. While returning it was a smooth drive for us. We enjoyed the long drive while returning with some romantic music.

At a point I thought that we would have stopped our journey when I forgot the pen drive. But the drive while returning back made our day. It was a nice romantic drive after a long time.

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your drive! :-)
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